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Affiliate Bots Review

Do you desire to make money through affiliate marketing? Are you interested in becoming an expert in the affiliate marketing field? If yes, then Affiliate Bots 2 will help you to do so.

There are many methods to make money online, but I believe that affiliate marketing is the best because you can generate large commission through it in a short period if you do it correctly. Many people are even making $1k in a single day through affiliate marketing. But is affiliate marketing so easy? No, it isn’t.

But if you know the right method to do it, then things become quite comfortable, and you will learn that best way to do affiliate marketing from Affiliate Bots 2 software. This software is a problem-solving product for all those people who are struggling to make money through affiliate marketing.

It’s the second edition of the software, so many people have already used this software, and they are getting good results through it. But is this software suitable for beginners? Should you try the second edition, or it’s a scam? People have many questions regarding this program, which I will clean in this Affiliate Bots 2 Review.

What is Affiliate Bots 2?

It is a marketing software, containing various collections of affiliate tools. Each of the tools has its advantage, and each tool will make the affiliate marketing task easier for you.

It features an AI search engine that works as a spy tool and helps you to find a profitable Niche. The engine will make sure that you are choosing the right product to promote so that you can get more sales and profit.

This masterpiece is going to provide you with a WebWidgets using which you can turn your website traffic into buyers. Don’t you know how to create a website and write content?

Don’t worry, it additionally features an AutoWebsite Tool through which you can build a professional website with content within a minute.

To make your affiliate website look attractive this affiliate software contributes Banner Bots so that you can design an attractive banner within seconds.

Besides this, you will get a CB250 software that helps people who are using the ClickBank affiliate program to trace everything.

The Domainaveli tool that you will be getting with this program will assist you in finding the best domain name for your website.

About Chris X, The Creator

Chris X is the founder of this affiliate-related product. He has helped many people to make a career in affiliate marketing. Chris X is an expert internet marketer who becomes famous in 2006 due to its amazing programs.

He claimed that through affiliate marketing, he had generated over $2 million. Chris X revealed that this larger amount of profit was only possible because of the few tricks and software that he used.

Now you can also know his affiliate product promotion strategy through his program. Amazon, ClickBank, and JVZoo were the three major affiliate programs that Chris used to find a profitable product.

You can also choose any of these affiliate platforms because they usually offer high profits, which is our primary goal. After gaining great success, Chris decided to reveal his tricks through Affiliate Bots 2.

How do Affiliate Bots 2 works?

First, you need to pick up an affiliate program. Many big names like ClickBank, Amazon, eBay, Pepperjam, etc. has their affiliate program.

You can read their policy and join the affiliate program that suits you the best. Once you are done with it, now leave the rest of the work to the Affiliate Bots 2.

This software will help you to find a product that can generate more profit for you. If you like the product, you can select and promote it. This software features many tools that play an essential role in the promotion of a product.

These tools automate most of your tasks so that you don’t have to grind much. Now you might be thinking that how will you get profit? Well, you will get a special link to the product that you are promoting.

If any user buys the product through your link, you will get a certain profit amount. Each product gives different profit, so choosing a high priced product is usually a great option.

What comes with the Affiliate Bots 2 program:

This program features a 35-page start guide, containing every single factor about affiliate marketing. It is a PDF file, so you can also share it with your friends and family members who are interested in learning affiliate marketing.

You will get the video training in which you will learn everything visually. This video training also targets all the essential factors of the field from beginning to advanced level.

The program comes with a Dropaveli tool that helps people to locate a 100k dropped Domain Names. Using such software, you can get success in a short period.

You will get a rapid Video Ranker, which supports people in making high-quality videos for their affiliate program to generate sales. This software is easy-to-use, so you don’t need to worry while using it.

Among those 37 tools, you are going to get access to AutoMailer. These tools will automatically respond to every message that a user is going to ask on your website. Answering the questions in the right way will also boost your sales.

All the 37 tools are cloud-based and are compatible with almost every device, including PC/Mac.

Apart from this, you will get an AI system that will automate most of your tasks. This AI system tries to generate more profit in a short time.

Benefits of using Affiliate Bots 2

Do you want to know the gains of buying Affiliate Bots 2? If yes, then read the section below.

This program appears with a vast range of free items. There are over 20 bonuses that you will get with this program. The first bonus includes the method to gain free and fast traffic to your website.

You can convert those free visitors into buyers using various techniques given in the program. The second bonus is a marketing excellence course that will provide you with some tips about the field.

However, “Affiliate Authority” is another item that comes with the program. Through this, you will learn the process of becoming rich by selling other products.

High Profit
People are making thousands of dollars per day through different affiliate programs, and you can also achieve that level of earning.

This product will help you to approach even higher income, but for that, you will have to work a bit harder. However, the program will show you the right path to work so that you can earn money by following that path.

AI & Automation
This product has 37 tools that work on automation. You only have to follow a few steps, then tools will perform the rest of the work for you.

The advanced AI technologies in the tools help to implement automation. Apart from automation, you will also require to perform hard work in the beginner because generating one thousand dollars in a single day is not that much easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I also be able to make $1k per day after using this program?
Yes, you can also make one thousand dollars in a single day through this program. But it is not guaranteed because for that you have to work hard and follow the instructions as they are given.

How many tools are there in this program?
There are 37 tools in this program. These tools include AI Search Engine, WebWidgets, AutoWebsite Tool, Banner Bots, CB250, AffiliateAds 2.0, Domainaveli, Rapid Video Ranker, and Launch Pulse.

Further, you will also get access to some other tools such as King Of The Zoo 2.0, HostingAffiliate BOT, Warrior50, ResellDB, and the list goes on and on. Each of the tools has a different and worthy advantage to offer.

Do I have to pay for all the tools in Affiliate Bots 2?
No, this program is not going to ask you to pay for any tool. The combined price of all the tools is thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to worry because this affiliate program is not going to ask you to pay that amount.

You only have to pay the price of this program that is $17. You will get access to some outstanding tools for affiliate marketing in just $17, which is impressive. I guess whoever is into the affiliate marketing will never ignore this fantastic offer.

However, this program guarantees that you will start earning through it, which is the main reason to use this program. So it’s worth buying.


  • This program features 37 free marketing tools that are worth thousands of dollars.
  • You can find high-profit products through this tool.
  • This program will make most of your tasks automated.
  • You don’t have to create your own products to earn money via this software.
  • It appears in PDF and video format with practical examples so that you can understand it easily.


  • This affiliate software is a bit complicated for beginners.
  • You should have some knowledge of affiliate marketing.


If you are already into the affiliate marketing field or if you are new to it and want to learn about it, then I would recommend you to try the Affiliate Bots 2.

This program features many tools that will help you to find a profitable niche and product. It will also helps you in creating a website with content for affiliate marketing.

The AI system in Affiliate Bots 2 performs most of the tasks automatically, so there is less grind in comparison to other affiliate software.

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