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The Kidney Disease Solution Review

What Is The Kidney Disease Solution?

Duncan Capicchiano designed The Kidney Illness Solution as a digital information product to educate individuals all they need to know about the kidney and how to permanently remove kidney disease.

Kidney Disease Solution differs from traditional hospital therapy. It not only provides an all-natural cure for kidney illness, but it also addresses the fundamental cause of the problem, allowing users to avoid pain and suffering in the future.

This program contains a step-by-step strategy to improving kidney function so you may feel as energized as you did before the symptoms appeared.

Duncan Capicchiano wrote this eBook in plain English so that everyone may profit from it without needing expert assistance.

You’ll learn a lot about kidney health throughout the course of the program. This includes topics like kidney illness, its origins, hazards, and the diagnosing procedure, among others, so you can completely comprehend your present situation.

The Kidney Disease Solution is guaranteed to work because it takes a multifaceted approach to improving kidney function. The program gives you a step-by-step method for reversing chronic kidney disease in a safe, natural, and successful manner.

This is broken down into three sections for easy reading. I’ll go through the healing regimen in greater detail later, but for now, here’s a quick rundown of the phases:

Phase 1: The Essentials.

Phase 2: Treat Your Cause.

Phase 3: Symptomatic and Other Disease Treatment Protocols.

During these phases, you will learn the most effective kidney healing treatments and measures to follow depending on your unique reason, symptoms, and circumstances, which you will learn how to identify during the program.

But you get a lot more than that. The Kidney Disease Solution includes a number of add-ons. Here’s a basic rundown of what it entails:

  • Main Manual
  • Morning Yoga Flow for Kidney Health and Energy Video
  • De-Stress and Renew Meditation Audio
  • Kidney Disease Symptom Tracker
  • Shopping List for Kidney Health
  • Meal Preparation at a Glance
  • Cookbook Companion
  • Essential Fast-Track Diet Guide
  • How to Interpret Your Kidney Test Result Guide

All of this is yours as soon as you buy and download the entire information bundle to your laptop.

Shelly Manning, who is she?

Shelly Manning is the author of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution, a book about natural health.

Shelly believes that following her treatment methods will help you reverse diabetes, chronic renal disease, and other serious medical diseases.

The majority of Shelly’s medical advice focuses around diet: you may achieve actual medical breakthroughs by modifying your diet, removing some items, and adding others.

According to studies, persons with diabetes who follow a 600-calorie-per-day diet for six months can reverse their illness.

Shelly Manning’s education and experience are unknown, and there is almost little information on her available on the internet.

How Does The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Work?

Natural remedies, nutrients, and practices, according to Shelly Manning, author of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution, can permanently reverse chronic kidney disease.

Shelly’s recommended chronic kidney disease remedies are included in the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution. According to the case study cited above, implementing these recommended therapy can permanently heal your long-term chronic kidney illness.

To alleviate the symptoms of chronic kidney disease, doctors often prescribe eating healthier and exercising. The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution, on the other hand, maintains that it isn’t about food or exercise:

When a person’s kidneys are failing, changing certain lifestyle behaviors might make a huge difference in their lives. If done correctly, it has the potential to save their lives.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution claims to be “more potent than medication.” While medicine treats the symptoms of a problem, healthy lifestyle choices address the core causes of chronic kidney disease.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Diet

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution focuses on dietary adjustments for the most part. You may eat your way back to health by altering some components of your lifestyle.

You may reportedly repair chronic renal disease by removing specific items from your diet and replacing them with others.

Shelly is a firm believer in gut health, stating that it is intertwined with every other bodily activity. People who have a healthy stomach have a stronger immune system. People who have poor gut health are more prone to sickness and illness.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution recommends foods that may be found in your local grocery. You don’t need to go to upscale food stores or place orders with unknown web merchants.

What’s Included In The Kidney Disease Solution Ebook?

After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be provided the remainder of the information in easy-to-understand steps. I’ll walk you through all you need to know about this ebook.

Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood: The first chapter contains a wealth of information on the filtering organ, including its uses, how it works, and what may go wrong with it. The chapter also covers acute renal failure, its causes, the disease’s course, and the benefits and drawbacks of each diagnostic test.

This chapter delves into the numerous therapies that western medicine has to offer for all types of renal illness. This chapter contains thorough information on everything from dialysis through transplantation.

Natural Techniques: This chapter explains why natural methods are superior, simpler, and less expensive.

The Kidney Repair Tools: In this chapter, you’ll learn about the several tools you may use to repair kidney illness naturally.

The Treatment Plan: This is a lengthy, thorough chapter that is divided into several sections. It covers all elements of kidney illness, including their origins and implications.

It provides straightforward solutions to all of your queries. The best thing is that the treatment plan is tailored to your specific requirements!

Kidney Stones: This article focuses on a painful ailment known as kidney stones. Learn how to stay away from them!

The Foundations: This chapter covers the basics of kidney illness and how to manage it.

Food, oh, food: A healthy diet is frequently the key to avoiding a variety of ailments. This tool provides you with individualized food programs to help your filtering organs perform like a well-oiled machine, rather than inefficient, time-consuming charts. As a bonus, the recipes featured are delicious as well!

The Tea: In Chapter 9, you’ll learn about the tea that can help you with renal problems. Blends that are as effective as they are beneficial.

Juicing as a Kidney Disease Treatment Juices supply essential fluids that delight your kidneys while also delighting your taste buds.

Learn how to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to improve your health.

Good Vibrations: This chapter explains the guiding concepts you’ll need to succeed in your new, healthier lifestyle.

Relaxation: It assists you in keeping your mind and body in good health.

The Kidney Disease Solution is more than simply a treatment for chronic kidney disease. It’s the ideal option for anyone looking for a natural way to improve kidney health in a brief and comprehensive approach.

Benefits of The Kidney Disease Solution?

You may be able to enjoy the following health advantages if you follow the Kidney Disease Solution on a regular basis:

  • There is no reliance on pills or artificial medications.
  • There’s no need to go on a diet or do severe workouts.
  • There are no more poisons in your body that might affect your kidneys further.
  • There will be no more kidney stones, discomfort, or pains.
  • There is no danger of death or serious illness as a result of renal disease.
  • There’s no need for dialysis or renal failure.
  • There are no abnormalities with the kidneys that need surgery or pricey therapies.
  • There’s no need to go to the doctor any more.
  • There’s no nonsense here, and the drug isn’t laden with adverse effects.


  • This is one of the most effective and natural treatments for renal illness.
  • The primary guide is divided into 19 chapters, making it simple to comprehend and use.
  • It is a comprehensive handbook since it contains everything you will need to resolve your kidney issues.
  • Provides a more cost-effective method of treating renal disease.
  • This all-natural strategy is multi-faceted and focuses on the fundamental cause of kidney illness.
  • This guide’s all-natural method aids in the improvement of kidney function.
  • You’ll learn a simple, all-natural way for treating renal illness.
  • It has a tracking report that you may use to keep track of your progress with this application.
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee is available.


  • It may take many weeks for this treatment to produce results.
  • To get the most out of this program, you’ll need a lot of effort and patience.
  • Users will need to make some serious lifestyle changes.
  • Only the official website has access to this software.


For those with limited treatment options for renal illness, the Kidney Disease Solution Program is a possible option. After all, the regimen takes an all-natural, holistic approach. As a result, even the most serious patients do not need to be concerned about possible adverse effects. The absence of medicines, supplements, or intrusive procedures distinguishes the program.

The program only provides advice on how to improve one’s lifestyle and make nutritional modifications in order to get a healthier physique. You can really locate all of the tools and materials you’ll need for this program right in your own house! There may be some skepticism, which is understandable. However, according to the website, you can be certain in the program’s effectiveness.

Since its inception in 2017, the Kidney Disease Program has helped over 25,000 patients throughout the world. Furthermore, this method to defeat renal illness is primarily intended to combat kidney disease and promote overall health. But that’s not all it can accomplish. The program relieves stress, energizes the body, and improves sleep quality along the way.

Relaxing yoga and guided meditation resources are included in the curriculum. The best aspect is that you won’t be putting possibly harmful chemicals into your body. Despite the benefits that the program claims to provide, it provides its consumers with a risk-free commitment.

Customers who purchase the program directly are eligible for a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s important to realize, though, that the program isn’t a doctor-prescribed treatment plan for everyone and shouldn’t be viewed as such.

As a result, it’s ideal if you utilize it with caution. In fact, you should not use the program to substitute drugs or treatment programs given by a physician.

People with pre-existing medical issues should seek permission from their doctor before beginning the program. A tiny demographic, on the other hand, is warned against utilizing the program. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and people under the age of 18 make up this group.


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