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VidBullet Review

Are you looking for a hassle-free video creating experience? If yes, then the VidBullet program is for you.

Creating a professional video is not easy task. You need to spend months learning the art of creating professional videos.

If you don’t want to spend that much time, then you will require hiring video editors that are going to charge you a lot for a single video.

But you don’t have to waste your time as well as money to create an attractive video because I have got a solution for you named VidBullet.

Now you might question what it is, and Will you be able to create all types of videos using the VidBullet. In this VidBullet review, you will come to know everything.

What is VidBullet?

It is a video editing program that will help you in creating a professional video within a few minutes. It does not require any video editing knowledge.

The program is 100% automated, so you don’t have to put any effort into it. Further, you can do a voiceover of the videos with a single click.

It will allow you to add any logo to the video, which will help you in promoting your brand. Apart from it, it has an option to include custom music to videos.

You can choose any music and merge with the video without affecting the sound quality. You will get access to the VidBullet asset library through which you can get tons of royalty-free visuals, music, and images.

The built-in search will help you in finding the niche related stuff. You will additionally gain different fonts and text effects in the program. You can add any of the effects to make your video more attractive.

The product provides the option to adjust the color palettes as per your wish. You can set the video transitions if needed. The product also permits you to merge different scenes to produce a single eye-catching video.

About Chris Munch, The Creator

Chris Munch is the creator of this product. He is a well-reputed guy in the online marketing industry. In the past ten years, Chris has launched many successful products to help the people of the online marketing field.

You may also find various SEO products under Chris’s name. Apart from this, Chris is a teacher who has taught many people in reaching the 7-figure income target.

How Does VidBullet Work?

At first, you will get access to numerous templates. You need to choose a template that you want to add to your video. Once you are done with the template choosing process, then you have to fill a form.

Don’t worry, the form is going to be simple and will only ask the video detail. You can add voiceover, music, images, and other stuff through that form.

After completing the form, choose the Generate Video option that will start producing your video. You will have to wait for a few minutes until the whole video gets finished.

Why You Should Get VidBullet

You might be thinking that there are already countless video editing programs available in the market, then why should you prefer this one. To know the answer to such a question, keep reading…

Universally Compatible: Unlike many other video editing programs, the VidBullet does not command you to download it. As it is a cloud-based product, so you don’t have to go through the downloading process.

You can access it from any device using the internet. This cloud-based option makes it compatible with all the devices.

Zero Editing: You do not have to go to editing classes to learn video editing to use this program. In contrast to other video editing products, it requires zero editing knowledge, which is another great reason to buy it.

What Comes with VidBullet?

The few top features that you will get with this video editing program are provided below.

Templates: You will find numerous templates in this program that will assist you in producing a better video. You can also get a niche-relevant template according to your wish.

High-Resolution Images: You will get various high-resolution images that you can use freely without concerning the copyright issue. These images will be related to the video category.

Text to Speech: The program further includes an amazing text-to-speech feature. You only need to put the text in the program, and it will convert into an attractive video using different images and scenes.

Custom Stuff: Also, it permits users to add custom music, video clips, logos, as well as voiceovers. You can customize the whole video as per your needs.

Zero Scripting: It additionally has a zero scripting option that will empower you in producing high-quality videos without demanding any script.

VidBullet Bonus: On purchasing the Commercial version of this product, you will get a fantastic Traffic Stacker Method bonus.

Traffic Stacker Method: This method is going to help you to know many new secret tips for using the VidBullet program. You will get the proper training that will let you know the art of making a professional video without any in-depth video editing knowledge.

Benefits of Using VidBullet

Easy to Use: This video editing program is easy to use. Even if you are using the video editing product for the first time, you will still not find any difficulty while using this one.

Attractive Videos: You will learn to create attractive videos through the VidBullet. It is going to be simple but amazing.

Money-Back Option: It offers a 30-days money-back option, so if you don’t like the program within 30 days, you can get a full refund without any hesitation.

You Can Sell VidBullet Videos: Yes, you can sell videos created through this product. However, you will have to buy the Commercial pack to sell the videos.


  • Even if you have zero editing and scripting knowledge, you can still create professional videos through it.
  • The Asset Library will provide you with copyrighted free images, videos, and music.
  • This product does not require you to have any video editing knowledge.
  • It gives an option to add custom voiceover, clips, as well as logs.
  • You do not need to spend hours creating a single video.
  • It allows you to create unlimited videos.


  • The personal version of this product has fewer features.
  • The product is expensive.


Whether you want a video for your business, client, product, service, or any other thing, the VidBullet program will help you in creating it.

Also, you don’t have to waste your time in searching images, scenes, and audios from your video because this product includes an asset library that has countless copyright-free stuff available that you can use freely to create high-end videos.

The VidBullet further offers the option to add custom logos, text, and effects. You can also include voiceover to your video if needed. The auto-publish option in this product will support you in uploading the video directly to YouTube and Vimeo.

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