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Baby Sleep Miracle Review

Baby Sleep Miracle is the one resource every parent needs in their home to ensure a restful night’s rest for the entire family, including the little ones. And I know, every exhausted mom and dad out there is thinking, “but we’ve tried everything.”

Sure, you tried all the methods that worked for your neighbor’s friend’s, brother’s, aunt, or the cruel convention “cry it out” method but you have not tried what you’re about to discover from Baby Sleep Miracle. This program is infused with age-specific techniques that are based on sleep and psychology studies from Stanford and Harvard Universities.

You also learn how to establish healthy sleep habits for your child based on their age, and so much more. And it provides effective, healthy and kind techniques for every child between the stages of infancy and 5-years-old, and they won’t make you feel guilty or neglectful.

What is Baby Sleep Miracle?

Like many sleep-deprived parents out there, you’re probably convinced that you’ll live out the rest of your life like an exhausted zombie operating on automatic mode. I’ve been there and so have many other moms and dads out there.

Unfortunately, sleep doesn’t come naturally when you have children in the home, despite it being one of the most natural things we do. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to live your days exhausted nor does it mean that you have to stick with the neglectful “cry it out” methods.

Baby Sleep Miracle is an online program that provides you with a vast array of steps for creating healthy sleep habits for your child, based on their specific age, as well as techniques to help you implement them in the easiest, most enjoyable way for both you and your little one.

The program focuses on following a 7-rule system and all of the techniques you learn are based on sleep and psychology studies conducted by Harvard University and Stanford University. Needless to say, you just can’t go wrong with that.

Now, every parent knows that it isn’t just babies who wake up in the middle of the night. Children seem to fight off sleep in different ways up until they’re 5-years old. Babies cry, toddlers throw tantrums and pre-schoolers have every excuse in the book.

So, you’ll be happy to know that Baby Sleep Miracle doesn’t just provide you with effective techniques for getting an infant to sleep. Instead, you receive sleep and psychology based techniques for different age groups including:

    • The First Month
    • The Second Month
    • The Third Month
    • The Fourth and Fifth Months
    • Six to Eight Months
    • Nine to Twelve Months
    • Thirteen to Eighteen Months
    • One and a Half to Two and a Half Years
    • Two and a Half to Five Years Old

With that said, this program isn’t just a one-time shot for getting your child to sleep right now but rather, it’s a progressive system that can be implemented into your home until your child finally learns that sleep feels good which tends to happen around the age of 6.

This also means that you can use these techniques if you have an older little one in the home and have spent the last couple of years being exhausted.

The good news doesn’t end there though either. You also receive three bonuses for absolutely free which provide you with even more information and help when it comes to putting the little one down for a nap or for the night. These bonuses are:

    • BONUS: Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle
    • BONUS: Night Terror Stopper
    • BONUS: Miracle Sounds

And for all the exhausted moms and dads out there, you’ll be happy to know that you do not have to wait to get started either. You receive immediate access to the program as soon as you purchase which means that you can start implementing healthy sleep habits into your home and can start to sleep longer and better as early as tonight.

You just download the content onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and you’re ready to learn how to put the little one to bed so the rest of the family can sleep. Having the program on your tech devices also makes it easy and convenient to use the techniques, and you can also send the regime with your child as they go to their babysitters or daycare provider to ensure they stick with the plan.

But I get it, you’re convinced your child just doesn’t have the ability to sleep within their DNA. But you have two months to try this program out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Certainly, you’ll find that your child can sleep all night long.

Overview of Baby Sleep Miracle

The techniques you learn throughout Baby Sleep Miracle teach you what children need to fall asleep quickly and effectively, based on their age. Then, you receive all the information and action-plans needed for putting your newfound knowledge into action.

It’s a straightforward system that gets right down to the point, so you can easily and quickly learn how to put your child to sleep easily and effectively so you can follow in suit.

Here’s a look at some of the topics covered in the program:

    1. Chapter One: The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
    2. Chapter Two: Understanding Sleep
    3. Chapter Three: General Sleep Rules for Newborns and Infants
      1. Rule 1: Create a Flexible Sleeping and Feeding Schedule
      2. Rule 2: Nursing is Not The Only Soothing Technique
      3. Rule 3: Pacifier is for Soothing, Not Sleeping
      4. Rule 4: Feed Your Baby Upon Waking Up
      5. Rule 5: Put Your Baby Down Drowsy, But Awake
      6. Rule 6: One Bottle a Day
      7. Rule 7: The Sleep Friendly Environment
    4. Chapter Four: Good Sleep At Every Age
      1. The First Month
      2. The Second Month
      3. The Third Month
      4. The Fourth and Fifth Months
      5. Six to Eight Months
      6. Nine to Twelve Months
      7. Thirteen to Eighteen Months
      8. One and a Half to Two and a Half Years
      9. Two and a Half to Five Years Old

What will you learn from Baby Sleep Miracle?

  • Give your baby early emotional tools.
    • Your baby won’t fear the dark, nor be severely stressed by nightmares.
    • Since the program addresses different developmental phases, your baby will grow into a calmer child!
    • It’s only a matter of physical touch and modifying the sleeping environment.
  • Enjoy this stage, don’t suffer it!
    • It will provide the perfect techniques for both parents and babies to relax.
    • How to address a couple’s distress.
    • Using these challenges to unite you as a family.
  • Be prepared without being anxious.
    • Most likely, if it’s your first child, you live in constant expectation of its needs.
    • However, this comes with a huge price because, always being ready for the future, is to live in constant anxiety!
    • You’ll learn how to take care of your baby without being worried.
    • With these tools, you’ll know exactly what to do in every situation.
    • Your concern will never go away, but it doesn’t have to consume you.
  • Take care of yourself!
    • Optimize your sleeping time.
    • Learn how and when to rest, to be more alert and focused.
    • Discover suggestions to improve your own routine and function at a healthier level.

The Author of Baby Sleep Miracle

Mary-Ann Schuler is the author of Baby Sleep Miracle. She is a trained psychologist and mom of two who, despite her education and training, still struggled with getting her children to sleep easily and quickly. So, she began to dive into research-based studies and what she found is exactly what you receive in this program.


  • These techniques are easy to implement.
    The program is highly practical, with many useful tips: The Baby Sleep Miracle program covers every single thing you need to know.
  • Great value for your money:
    The price is a very good deal and the program is available immediately, so you don’t have to wait.
  • A full money-back guarantee.
    If you are not satisfied with this program, you are entitled to a full refund in 60 days guaranteed.
  • No loose ends!
    This guide covers every single thing you need to know to successfully help your baby get to sleep.
  • Enjoy motherhood more!
    Experience the pleasure of raising your child comfortably and happily without unnecessary stress.


  • You need to invest some time
    It is important to find the time and commitment to follow this program step by step to see results.
  • The program is only found in digital format.
    Therefore you need an internet connection to download this program.


Baby Sleep Miracle actually provides you with a progressive system that you can implement at any time and that you can continue with for any child between the ages of infancy and 5-years of age. This is key because we all know with every stage comes a new round of behaviors and excuses when it comes to bedtime.

This program doesn’t just work on newborns nor will you have to struggle once your child begins to grow because you’ll have all the safe, healthy and happy techniques needed to provide your child with what they need to fall asleep quickly until they learn how to do it on their own.

So, if you’re ready to take advantage of the restful sleep that is awaiting you and your child, give Baby Sleep Miracle a try. You have nothing to lose with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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