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ClickEarners Program Review

Getting an online job is not easy, but ClickEarners program has promised to make this task easier. There are a lot of difficulties that you may encounter while searching for an online job.

First of all, you need to learn proper skill if you want to get hired. After learning a skill, you need to search for clients that are going to get your online tasks.

However, finding clients is not easy because the freelancing market is already saturated due to which only a few jobs are available for newcomers. The reason behind a few jobs available for newcomers is because most online jobs are either taking by large freelancing companies or by top-rated sellers.

Apart from this, most clients don’t trust new freelancers, which also makes it difficult to get online projects. But that is not the case with ClickEarners.

It is a platform that can help you in getting online projects even as a beginner. But is it worth it? Or is it a scam like some other products? In this ClickEarners review, I will tell you everything about this website.

What is ClickEarners?

It is an online website that helps people in gaining online freelancing jobs. The site features a broad category so that a large group of people having different skills can get jobs.

On this product, you can apply for Surveys, Data Entry, Typing & Writing, Sales & Marketing, Online Research, Virtual Assistant, Envelope Filling, Mystery Shopping, Secretarial, Social Media Management, Customer Services, and Product Testing.

These are the few freelancing categories that this product has to offer for freelancers. The primary issue that most new people have with this website is that it doesn’t hold any information regarding its owner.

But this website is worth trying. It can help you to get gain a great source of income. The program is working and has assisted many freelancers to get jobs.

You are going to notice mixed reviews regarding this freelancing website. But its working and has supported people to earn a lot of money. So you can also use this website.

About Company, The Creator:

Well, I have searched a lot and didn’t find anything about the owner of this product. Many other reviews have mentioned an unknown owner for this website.

After doing a lot of research, I have seen that a company owns this website, but the site has not given the name of the company.

Almost all the products always mention the name of the creator, but that is not the case with this product, which I guess is fine. The product is genuine and you can use it without any worry.

How do ClickEarners works?

The working of this site is a bit different from other freelancing websites. As you open the website, you will see a “register now” option, which will ask you to enter your name and email address.

After that, it asks you to fill some easy questions. Once you are done with the questions, the website will ask you to pay. Also, you should keep in mind that ClickEarners is not going to pay or hire you.

However, it will help you to find a few clients that visit their website. The clients will hire you and pay for the work that you have done. There is nothing new in this freelancing site except the cash that this website demand from freelancers.

Additionally, you should keep it in mind that you are not going to make money with a few clicks. Freelancing demand skill. You should either get a skill first if you truly want to get hired.

Once you get a skill, then you get to apply for multiples freelancing websites that are going to offer you a lot of opportunities. There are many other freelancing sites available that require you to pay any cash, which you can access with a few searches on Google.

What comes with ClickEarners?

This website promised to deliver many freelancing opportunities that I have mentioned below.

It allows you to get a Data Entry Job. Through this job, you will have to collect the data and enter it into an MS excel or MS word file based on the client’s requirements. It is among the easiest task in freelancing, but you may struggle to get the Data Entry task due to saturation in the field.

If you are a writer, then you might want to try this website because it also features writing projects. It carries all types of writing tasks. Other than writing, it additionally has a typing opportunity.

In case you are into the sales & marketing field, then this product has excellent news for you in the form of sales & marketing tasks. You can get sales & marketing projects on this website.

If you like to be hired as a Virtual Assistant, then you can join this website because it offers Virtual Assistant tasks. Additionally, you can go with the Customer Services opportunity.

In case you are interested in doing the Admin & Secretarial or Online Research task, then you can try out the site which offers both these fields.

Benefits of using ClickEarners:

There are many advantages that this website has promised to deliver. Below I have added some of those benefits.

Earn money Online
Many people want to earn money online, but it’s not that easy as you think. Even if you are a skilled person, you might struggle to get clients.

Getting the right client is one of the most challenging tasks in freelancing. However, you don’t need to think much about finding clients because this website promises that you will get many clients though the ClickEarners site.

Various Projects
The website says that you will be getting multiple projects through ClickEarners. However, to get those online tasks, you need to be skilled enough in a particular field so that you can full fill the desired work.

However, it doesn’t guarantee that anyone that comes on this platform will get the online job, which is alright because no freelancing website is going to give you such a guarantee. To get the online job first, you should try to learn a skill that can assist you in making money.

Suitable for everyone
This website has also mentioned that it is suitable for any age, ability, or background. However, I would only say that freelancing is not for everyone.

It is only for those people who are hard-working and are willing to deliver the derived work to the client on time. Besides this, you also need to ensure that you know the particle skills to such a level that you can deliver the required work perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

People have many questions related to the ClickEarners website. I have chosen some of the most asked questions, and I’m going to answer them.

How much one has to pay to join it?
This website comes with two variety plan. Both packs have different pricing and features. One package is for a lifetime, while the other one is for 12 months. To get the lifetime package, you have to pay $57, while for a 12 months membership, you will get charged $27.

However, after reading many reviews, I guess investing in this website might get a good choice for those people who are struggling in the freelancing world.

Does this website give jobs?
Well, the website has never promised to give you jobs. However, it has guaranteed to provide clients who are going to give you projects which will result in earning money.

But to complete that project, you must have the required skills. So if you don’t have any skills, then you must not go from any freelancing website. Firstly you should learn something valuable and then start doing freelancing.

What if it doesn’t work?
There is no such thing as money back policy mentioned on the website. So if the product doesn’t work, you can’t do anything. But you should don’t worry about it because the product has worked for many people and it can also work for you.

However, it is a Clickbank product, and all the Clickbank items have a cashback policy. I guess that the website offer moneyback policy but they don’t have mentioned it on the website.


  • You can make a lot of money through this website.
  • It is suitable for both professionals and newcomers.
  • The registration process is easy and simple.
  • ClickEarners helps you in getting various tasks & projects.
  • It comes with affordable pricing.
  • The site has a vast category.


  • It has many negative reviews.
  • This website asks freelancers to pay money.


Are you looking for online projects? Do you own a special skill that might help you to do freelancing? If yes, then you can try the ClickEarners. This website promised to provide you with many projects that will support you in making a lot of cash.

Although ClickEarners has mixed reviews, it’s working so you can make money through this program with a little effort.


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