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EA Builder Review

For many of us, after a while of trading, we’ve decided that the money is good, but it takes a lot. However, if there was a way to keep the money coming without being stuck to a screen, what would you do?

I decided to write a review for EA Builder because that’s exactly what it gave me, and more.

However, before we continue, you have to know that this type of traders is not for high profits. Instead, they make many small successful trades. Which, at the end of the day, depending on your settings, can result in something significant.

Having said that, since it’s all automatic, what else can ask for?

In my experience, the software came as a great relief. Back then, I was trying to start my own business. Trading forex was a significant source of income. However, I was spending A LOT of time on it.

So, EA Builder came, the money kept on coming, in fewer amounts. However, I still had an income and tons of time to open my business and take care of my family.

In essence, EA Builder is software that automatically trades currency for you. It works on the leading platforms. Automatic trades happen as a result of your customization and settings. EA Builder doesn’t act unless instructed to.

However, the main idea behind this program was to save you time and help you make money. Which sounds great, but it didn’t come without a challenge.

First, the creators needed to make sure it’ll be user-friendly and affordable. What’s the point of launching something cool if people can’t use it, right?

Then, they made sure that you had enough customization, so you know exactly what will happen and when. This was a major challenge for them because most platforms offering this are quite complicated. For example, you need to know some coding to make it work.

Well, with that in mind, they removed the need for coding. However, there is still enough flexibility so that you’re always in control. Moreover, they have some great alerts, in case you want to go into “manual” mode.

Features of EA Builder

The software was created to make life easier for traders. In a nutshell, the program was designed to cover every possible scenario of automatic trading. At the same time, it’s thought out to keep an easy interface and operational needs.

EA Builder keeps its core function of automatically making money for you. However, compared to other programs, it aims to make it as simple as possible.

For me, this product was a lifesaver. First, I was able to get away from the screen and start working on my own company. Second, it kept bringing me income.

If I let it run automatically, the gains were not big, but they were enough to pay bills. On the other hand, if I used the alerts to trade myself, I could always make more money. So, it gives you the best of two worlds, automatic and manual trading, with great trades.

Here’s a little more about how it does it.

User-friendly interface:

  • This system is so easy to use and implement without any struggle.
  • After some clicks, you’ll have everything ready.
  • Spend time making money, not figuring things out.

No need for programmers:

  • The software was built specifically to be used by non-tech savvy people.
  • Don’t spend extra hiring a programmer.
  • Customize it yourself with full knowledge of what you’re doing.

Time Saver:

  • It’s intuitive. You can configure it fast and get it running.
  • You’ll be certain of how it will operate, so you can leave it running without worries.
  • It trades immediately, and by itself, you don’t need to supervise it.

Free Video Tutorials:

  • Learn everything you need, with short, clear video tutorials.
  • In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be ready to make the best out of your software.
  • They’ll help you start making money ASAP.

Cash Management:

  • Automatically protects your cash to avoid significant losses.
  • Makes your cash available in case there’s a big opportunity.
  • You’ll always have money (unless you withdraw it), which will be used to make more money.

Custom Options:

  • Define everything trade-related accord to your personal preferences.
  • Set time, entry and exit points, caps; whatever you find more suitable to make money however you want.
  • Easy to customize without danger of modifying anything that could “hurt” your trading.

Comes with Alerts in Place:

  • This system instantly delivers reports of your account; you won’t be left in the dark.
  • Receive real-time updates and alerts about your trading.
  • Learn about great trades and make them yourself is you want.


  • Great for beginners: If you’re new to trading automation, this program is the best way to start. It gives you enough customization to get the results you want, but not so much that you won’t know that you’re doing.
  • No coding skills necessary: More advanced programs need you to know some coding to modify their functions. However, EA Builder doesn’t need that. It’s intuitive, and it helps you to set it up as it best suits you.
  • Cash management: The system also includes cash management options to reduce your losses, and always be ready to trade when the conditions are optimal.
  • Get the best alerts: In case you want to take more active control, you can receive alerts use them in your favor. The software analyzes the behavior of the most common pairs, and you can opt for receiving alerts if you want.


  • Not good for high-profits: If you’re just starting, or your cash is limited, you’ll initially have small returns. I don’t think this is bad, but some people are looking for thrills.
  • Compatibility: Go to the website to find out if your trading platform is included. They update the compatibility often.


EA Builder is the best you can get when it comes to auto trade systems. It’s the perfect balance between freedom and earnings. Again, if you were used to ending a day with thousands of dollars, that’ll only happen for high budgets.

However, if you’re interested in making money on the side and have extra time, this is right for you. With their alerts, you can go back to those thousands of dollars every now and then. For now, take it for a spin and enjoy the perks of technology.


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