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Instant Publisher Biz Review

There are many methods and techniques via which you can generate money online. Among those ways, earning through website is the most reliable one. The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program, targets the approach of earning through the website.

This program is going to demand huge money from you, and in exchange for that money, you will be getting multiples ready-made websites. Yes, you read it right.

This program is going to give you ready-made websites based on a profitable niche. The program makes sure to focus on all the technical aspects of the website. It will set up and handle your websites so that it can grow and help you to make money.

It is a kind of business that you can start and manage by sitting at your home. But is it for everyone? Should you buy it? In this Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program review, you will know a lot about this product.

What is the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program?

It is a program that can help you to make a profitable online business by staying at your home. The program doesn’t demand you to go anywhere physically to get training.

You can sit on your couch, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy the course. All the methods that you will be gaining with the program are easy-to-follow. Thanks to the step-by-step guide that makes things easier for everyone.

This program is quite good, but one thing that I don’t like is the price. The price that you have to pay is too much. Yes, I know that you can even make more money through this program, but still, I guess not everyone can spend that much colossal amount.

However, the program promises to deliver excellent results, and it is also going to give you some bonuses, which means that you will be getting a lot from the amount that you are going to pay.

Besides this, you don’t have to worry regarding generation traffic because the program will give you the tips using which you can generate a lot of traffic to your website. It is also going to show you the way to create valuable content which the reader will love to read.

About Joel Peterson, The Creator

Behind this program is the excellent mind of Joel Peterson. If you go through the official website, you will not find many details regarding the owner of this product.

However, after performing a lot of research, I have found some details about him. Joel Peterson is a well-known name in the internet marketing industry. He is the guy that has been into the “done-for-you” business for quite a long time.

Joel has helped many people to make a profitable website. But there are few negative reviews additionally present about him.

Some negative reviews are fine because making money through a website is not a piece of cake. Though the program will do a lot of work on your website, it is still not guaranteed that you will make thousands of dollars per month.

So you should hope to make a lot of money through the website, but you must also be ready for the worst scenario.

How does the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program works?

The product is going to provide you with a website based on a profitable niche. Also, you will get ten articles with the program. The product team will publish those articles on your website and perform the SEO.

After doing all that stuff, they will apply for AdSense so that your website gets eligible to show Ads on it. Once you get approval from AdSense, you will be able to add Ads on your website.

Now you will manage and improve your website using the tips given by the program. Once your website ranks higher on the search engine, you will see a boom in your website traffic.

This website traffic is going to help you to make money. Your earning will depends on various factors, including CPC, the country from where the traffic is coming, keyword, niches, and a few more factors.

What comes with the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program?

Before investing in any product, ensure that you know the things that you will get with the program. This program has a lot to offer, which I have explained below.

You are going to get a ready-made core website. The website will be based on a profitable niche. Also, you don’t have to find the niche because you will get the niche with the program, which is quite impressive. Finding a profitable niche is not easy, but this program has made the task easy.

Besides this, you will receive a domain name, layout, and design. You will be receiving all that stuff with the program.

Also, the program provides it, buyers, with ten high-quality articles, including images. These articles are going to give your website a great start. All the articles will be SEO optimized.

The program team makes sure that your website has all the Off-page and On-page done. You don’t have to do the difficult task of SEO, which is another prime factor in buying this product.

The product ensures that your website gets AdSense approved. Now you don’t require grinding to apply for AdSense on your site. This program will do that stuff for you.

Benefits of using Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program:

This life-changing program has many useful applications that you will learn in this section.

Ready-Made Website
Even if you don’t know the process of making a website, you can still invest in this program because it will give you a ready-made website without demanding you to have web development skills. You will get multiples websites with this program.

One is going to be a core-website while the other will be Mini-site. Both the website will assist you in making money online. The program will also provide you with a design and layout that you can practice on your website.

AdSense Approval
Getting AdSense approval is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to earning through the website. I have seen many people working on their website for years, but still, they are struggling to get approval from AdSense.

However, you don’t have to go through such a struggle because the “Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program” will take that pain for you. So it’s a prominent factor that can encourage people to buy this product.

Earn Money
Making money is one top reason due to which people are going to put their money on this program. You can see on many screenshots on the sales pages that represent thousands of dollars per month.

However, you can also make this amount of money, but you will have to work hard because without doing so, you might not be able to achieve the target.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have several queries concerning the “Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program.” Through this FAQ portion, I will try to answer some of those queries.

I don’t know how to write articles, can I still buy this program?
Yes, you can still buy it even if you don’t have the art of creating content. The program provides you with ten professional articles that you can use on your website. Apart from these ten articles, you will additionally get five articles each month to add to your site.

What is its price?
You might be surprised to hear the cost of this product. This program has a different pricing system. Firstly, you will have to pay $1,997 for a single time. However, after paying $1,997, you will get charged $197 every month.

It means that even after paying $1,997, you have to spend $197 per month, which is quite expensive. This price is so much, and only a few people can pay this considerable amount.

What if someone doesn’t know the process of creating a website?
You don’t need to worry even if you don’t know how to develop a website. The program is going to provide you with two ready-made websites. One of the websites is going to be core-website, while others will be micro-website.

Still, if you want to learn the process, then you can take help from YouTube and Google. These two sources can guide you with the method of designing a website without paying anything.


  • You will get a ready-made website
  • Each month, you will get five high-quality SEO optimized articles.
  • The program comes with an unbelievable money back policy.
  • The program also guarantees to help you to generate traffic on your website.
  • You will additionally get AdSense approval on your website.
  • The program also reveals some tricks that only expert blogger knows.


  • The cost of this program is quite high.


Do you want to get two ready-made websites with ten high-quality SEO optimized articles and AdSense approval? If yes, then the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program is for you.

This program is going to give you a dual website with content on it. Additionally, you will get ten articles and AdSense approval on both the websites. Also, you will gain five articles per month, which is quite impressive.


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