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Newbie Sales Machine Review

In order to make serious money on the internet, you need to be sure of a few things:

  • You need to work with people who plan to be in business for years to come!
  • You need to work with people who have real marketing experience and know what they’re doing.
  • You need to work with people who can build websites that SELL! – VERY important.

And this is exactly what you will get with Newbie Sales Machine!

What’s Newbie Sales Machine

Newbie Sales Machine is a membership site with FREE upgrades for life to give you unlimited profit potential. However, there are two main points you need to be aware of this product:

Firstly, you’ll get licensing rights to Newbie Lessons. You’ll receive your own reseller site similar to the official site NewbieLessons. This means you can sell it as your own product, collect $19.95 payments, or $37 upsell payments and sell as many membership access passes as you want and keep 100% of the profits.

Secondly, you’ll get access to the reseller’s member area where you can create your own unique Newbie Lessons membership access links. These access links will be embedded with your ClickBank, JVZoo and Zaxaa IDs. This means any extra purchases your customer makes after they’ve bought from you will be credited to your account. This includes any product we launch to your customers in the future!

“It’s NO Secret that Done For You Systems, Automation and Perfectly Executed Marketing Strategies are Key to Your Success Online!…”

What You Will Get

Here’s a closer look at how the Newbie Sales Machine empowers you and gives you a serious advantage over everyone else:

  • Hot ever-green niche. Training based products are hot and always sell. With the Newbie Sales Machine you’ll instantly be selling a product in an ever-growing market that people will happily pay you for.
  • High converting squeeze page. Now you can build a list of prospects who are genuienly interested in starting an online business. No need for overly-complicated landing page software or monthly subscriptions for services that you won’t use!
  • 4 attention-grabbing solo ad emails. Can’t write promotion emails?… Don’t worry. Blast these emails out to your existing list for immediately sales… or add them into your autoresponder sequence to keep the sales coming in.
  • 50 relationship-building email campaign. A single relationship-building email can take 30 minutes to write. We’ve created a full 50 day campaign. Add these done for you emails to your autoresponder sequence to turn even cold skeptical traffic into raving fans!
  • 3 minute professional sales videos. Getting people to buy your product takes some convincing. We’ve put together an enticing sales video that acts as your 24-hour sales person. No need to go out of your way for every prospect… Let the video do all the explaining and selling for you.
  • Professional long-style sales letter. Presenting your product and persuading prospects to spend $19.95 with you requires some serious marketing skill. Again we’ve done all the work for you. Simply let the persuasive sales letter do all the selling for you.
  • Optimized HTML website. 60% of traffic is now mobile. We’ve added easy-scroll navigation buttons and auto-resizing components to make your site look good on all desktop and mobile devices! Everything is carefully designed to get your prospects to buy.
  • 5 automated count-down timers. Scarcity is a powerful marketing tactic and can be used to increase sales by 300% or more. We’ve included 5 optional sales pages with cookie-tracked timers so you can simulate live events and launch your product how you want.
  • 380+ professional training videos. We’ve packed your membership site with over 380 ‘how to’ videos covering major topics in the internet marketing sphere. This is the core component of your product that visitors will pay hand over fist for.
  • Sales crushing $37 upsell system. As soon as a prospect buys, you’ll be offering more training for a total of $37. At least 20% of customers will purchase this upsell. With our system you’ll generate more profit with zero effort that would otherwise be wasted!
  • 1-Click copy-paste affiliate hub. Want others to sell your product for you and earn a commission from their effort?… Now you can! Submit your product on any network and use the done for you affiliate hub as a resource to motivate your affiliates!
  • Fast and easy 1-click reseller link generator! Every customer that registers through your unique reseller link is tagged with your affiliate IDs. Simply register an account with our networks, fill in a form, hit submit and voilà… your personal reseller link is created!
  • 1-click PayPal button creation! No need to log into your PayPal account and manually create cumbersome payment buttons. With our system you can create your payment button in one click and paste it into your website immediately!
  • Automated affiliate commissions on all back-end offers in our sales funnel! Get full integration with our existing sales funnel to earn commissions on our high-ticket products. Every customer you acquire gets sent through our marketing funnel to maximize your income.
  • Automated affiliate commissions on all future product lauches! Become a top affiliate and earn passive income without having to email your customers… ever! With our integration system ANY product we launch to your customers will be done through your affiliate link.
  • 12 week automated bonus content drip-delivered to your customers! Over deliver more than you promise to your customers. Keep them happy and minimize your refund rates without having to manually send out any extra content!
  • Product files hosted and protected behind a secured members area. No need to host gigabytes of data on your server. No need to invest in seperate membership software. We’ll take care of all the ‘techie’ stuff whilst you focus on profit!
  • Lifetime ‘stealthy’ membership updates without you lifting a finger! Keeping your product fresh and up-to-date is a necessary chore. We’ll periodically update your product behind the scenes without you having to mess around with your website! Simply continue to sell and profit!
  • The perfect product to position yourself for future offers! Never promote an obscure product in an unprofitable niche again! Now you can use Newbie Sales Machine to attract prospects, build a loyal readership, make sales, become an affiliate and then use this as leverage to promote new offers in the future with ease!

Is Newbie Sales Machine For You?

If you’ve visited the official Newbie Lessons site, understand the product, and are convinced that it will sell… then Newbie Sales Machine is for you.

If you’re an existing customer of the Newbie Lessons and know from first hand experience what a brilliant package this is and want to become a reseller… then Newbie Sales Machine is for you.

If you’re simply looking for a turn-key system that you can start making money with and collect $19.95 and $37 payments right out of the box… then Newbie Sales Machine is for you.

If you want to add more passive revenue to your online business and let the professionals do all the back-end selling for you… then Newbie Sales Machine is for you.

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