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Profit Builder Review

Do you want to build an attractive landing page that can generate high quality leads for you? If so, then you should try the ProfitBuilder.

Companies are making millions of dollars with the help of eye-catching landing pages. But, many organizations are present that fails to transform the website traffic into profit sales and that because they have an unattractive landing page that most people leave just after visiting it.

ProfitBuilder is the perfect solution for those websites which are finding it hard to convert their traffic into sales. But why should you try ProfitBuilder when there are many software available that allows you to create a landing page?

Well, there are many reasons to prefer this landing page builder, but one primary reason is that it doesn’t demand any designing skills.

Unlike other software, this product ensures that you don’t have to learn the designing skills to create an eye-catching landing page. Further, there are many factors that you would love in this software. You can know more about the program in this ProfitBuilder review.

What is ProfitBuilder?

It is a software that helps people to create high-quality landing pages. This program is compatible with WordPress, so you can use it if you are using WordPress as a content management system.

Through the attractive landing pages, both individuals and organizations can generate quality leads. It will help you to convert your website visitors into sales. You can generate significant revenue through it.

As this software comes with drag and drop features, so you don’t need to learn the designing skill. Also, you don’t have to perform any coding task because you can achieve everything through the drag and drop feature.

Additionally, you will get more than 130 templates, which further makes the landing page creating process easier. All the templates are mobile-friendly so that the visitors don’t even have to wait for a second to reach your website.

Every theme is customizable, so you can adjust them as you want. Apart from the page builder, this product also features a funnel builder.

You can build professional memberships funnels, webinars, sales, and many more things via this software. Moreover, the landing page is going to be SEO optimized so that you can get more and more traffic on your page.

About Sean Donahoe, The Creator

Sean Donahoe is the founder of this fantastic landing-page builder. He is a famous personality in the internet marketing field. Sean knows the art of converting website visitors into leads, and now he is helping people to master this art.

If you want to get the best return on investment from the website visitors, then you can try this program by Sean. He is an experienced guy who has been working in the marketing field for more than 15 years.

Apart from marketing, Sean Donahoe is an author and a successful entrepreneur. Through his products and websites, he has supported over 50 thousand people to accomplish the goal in their life that were related to marketing.

So like other people, you can trust this builder and earn a lot of money through it. You can read many positive reviews about Sean Donahoe and the page-builder on different platforms for further clarification.

How does ProfitBuilder product works?

Firstly, you need to install this ProfitBuilder software on your WordPress site. You need to go to the Plugin section and search for the “ProfitBuilder.” Once you find it, click on install and wait for a few seconds.

Now the plugin is ready to use. You can create an engaging landing page and generate more revenue through it. There are tons of themes featured in this program. You can choose the templates accordingly.

However, you will get different themes for different categories, so make sure that you are selecting the right category theme, which represents your website correctly. Keep it in mind that this software is not going to get installed on any third-party server.

It will get installed on your hosting so you will get the full control to use and manage it. This software doesn’t add any restrictions for its users, which is another prime thing to consider.

What comes with the ProfitBuilder software?

Thanks to the split-testing engine, that ensures that you can test, track, and optimize conversions. Through this system, you will have a clear sight of your landing page.

The easy drag & Drop factors in this program allow you to create an attractive landing page without any coding or designing skills. You can create a professional page within five minutes.

It has a SmartCart ecommerce feature that causes a boost in profit. Further, it helps to maximize the conversions so that you can gain more profit.

You will get a vast range of themes in this program. It features 130+ templates that you can use to make your landing page seem incredible. All the themes are customizable.

Whether you open the landing page on Laptop, Computer, Mobile, or Tab, it’s going to look amazing. This software adjusts the landing page for the device that you are using so that it seems fantastic.

Also, this software allows you to export the landing page when needed. You can export the whole landing page, including videos, and images in a single click.

These are the few quality features that this page building has to offer for its buyers.

Benefits of using ProfitBuilder plugin

ProfitBuilder plugin has many advantages for all those people who want to create a beautiful landing page. Below are some of those features.

Drag & Drop Feature
I have seen people complaining that they find it challenging to use a page builder. In fact, some of the page builders demand designing skills as well, but that is not the case with this page builder.

To make the task easier for everyone, Sean has added Drag & Drop feature in the program. You only need to pick the item that you want to include and drop it to the landing page. That it’s, it that much easier to use this product.

Several Templates
You don’t have to work hard and spend hours and hours on designing a template because this program comes with more than 130 built-in templates. All the templates are free to use so you can select any design that you like.

Moreover, each of the designs is different from the other one. It’s fully customizable. You can change every single thing in the design, depending on your wish.

High-Quality Leads
If your landing page is attractive, the chances of getting leads and sales are higher. This program makes your landing page looks exceptional, and you will not find any difficulty in developing it.

Through that landing page, you can generate leads that are going to give you higher revenue. This software helps you to convert your website traffic into sales.

Frequently Asked Question

How many packages does this software have?
This software arrives with three different packages. Basic, Standard, and Pro are those three plans that you can try. Each of the plans has various features.

Is there any recommended system requirements to use this site builder?
No, this program doesn’t have any recommended system requirements because you can use it even on a lower spec device. You only require having a standard hosting and a WordPress site.

Ensure that your WordPress website has PHP 5.4. If it doesn’t have PHP 5.4, then you can update it to get the latest version. So this plugin doesn’t demand any unique or complicated system specifications.

Does this program demand any monthly or hidden fees?
No, there is not any monthly or hidden fee with this program. I have seen a lot of page builders that demand you to pay them monthly, but that is not the case with ProfitBuilder.

You only have to pay a one-time fee and enjoy it for a lifetime. Also, there are no hidden charges. This program will tell you about every single amount that it will deduct from your account.

For example, in the Basic pack, you can create a landing page for up to three websites. However, in the Pro package, you can make landing pages for over fifty websites. So choose the plan that suits your needs.


  • You don’t require any designing or programming skills to build a professional landing page.
  • It features a drag and drop interface, which is easy-to-use.
  • This software comes with more than 130+ designs that you can add to your website.
  • All the templates included in ProfitBuilder are customizable, so you can adjust them according to the need.
  • The Mobile Responsive design makes your landing page load faster.
  • Its price is less in comparison to its competitors.


  • Beginners might find it difficult to use it because of several options.
  • You may require a few hours to understand it completely.


Now you don’t have to work hard or hire a person to create a professional landing page for you because ProfitBuilder will help you to create a landing page in less than five minutes.

The landing page that you will get with this program is going to be user-friendly, and SEO optimized which will increase the reach of your website. ProfitBuilder features numerous themes that you can add to your site so it’s worth a buy product.


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