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Speechelo Review


The concept of utilizing their own voices to talk over a video is unsettling for many video content providers. When it comes time to add commentary or other vocal elements, whether it’s for an instructive presentation, a marketing video, a sales video, or just for the fun of generating content, fears sometimes prevent people from doing so.

One option to get around this is to hire a voiceover specialist, but they are sometimes fairly costly and take a long time to complete the project. Inability to speak good English or lack of recording equipment may also be obstacles.

Speechelo intends to address these issues by providing content makers with a new voiceover option via an AI system. This Speechelo review will help you better understand how it works so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a text-to-speech program that allows content creators to add a voiceover to their films without the need for a third party. It offers a text-to-speech service that speaks material in a computer-generated voice that does not sound artificial.

There are over 60 human-sounding voices to pick from, each one convincing enough that it’s nearly hard to tell the voiceover isn’t a real person.

Another version of Speechelo is Speechelo Tube, which allows you to take video text from various YouTube videos and convert it into other languages using speech eco. You may also make money from those videos.

If you have any reservations about Speechelo, I can guarantee you that you will like using it. It comes at a reasonable cost.

Quality of Speechelo Voice-Overs

After using Speechelo for a few videos, I’ve decided it needs more than 4 stars. When I first started working on it, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It’s fantastic. When I realized the video needed some transitions, I changed my approach to creating it. The voice-overs sound fantastic.

In this day and age of technological technology, it’s not a good idea to spend hours editing and revising your voice-over. You might say I’m good with captioning. But who wants to read the subtitles while watching a video? It’s not fun at all!

If you want your business to grow, you’ll need an amazing yet natural voice-over to make the video more appealing and engage people more with the material. Amazon Polly, caption voice, Natural reader, and voice dream reader are some of the most common text to speech programs. We, on the other hand, are always looking for the finest. For you, SPEECHELO is the finest option!

Let’s take a look at what Speechelo is and why it’s the greatest. What exactly is it? Speechelo is a cloud-based text-to-speech program created by two clever individuals named Vlad and Stoica. So, what characteristics do you want in a text-to-speech program? So, let’s figure out what you require and whether Speechelo can provide it.

First and foremost, we want the video to have an united voice. Sometimes we need a male vocalist, other times we need a female vocalist, and in other circumstances we even require a child’s voice. What’s more, guess what? Speechelo provides you with all three male, female, and child spokespeople!

This isn’t the end! In the pro version, you may utilize 60 other voices and 23 additional languages besides English! Speechelo can convert any text into speech. However, we are not content with only the languages or voices. We need them to be more genuine, not robotic and monotonous.

The most amazing portion is still to come. Speechelo provides you the freedom to be as natural as you want. You may breathe anywhere you want, accent phrases, and even change the tone of your voice! You may also add AI (artificial intelligence)-generated text to the speech, which will recognize punctuation automatically.

Depending on the video genre, you may optionally select a pitch from standard reading, cheerful reading, or serious reading. When you upgrade from the basic to the pro version, you’ll have access to the translation feature as well as some great background music to use in your films. For non-English material, this program will also produce English captions! Isn’t it amazing?

If you’re afraid about how to use it, don’t be; it’s quite simple. Everything is there at your fingertips, and it will give you a quick tutorial. All you have to do is paste the sentences into Speechelo, select the language, and start speaking. Make a copy of it and save it.

Now, let me describe the procedure for obtaining this. It is preferable if you purchased this great program. The ordinary edition is 47 dollars, but you won’t receive all of the capabilities and you won’t be able to voice-over more than 700 words.

The pro version is 127 dollars one-time cost, and it gives you limitless text to voice words. You will just pay 127$ for all of the wonderful features! So don’t wait, purchase Speechelo immediately and share your movies with the world!

Who is Speechelo For?

When it comes to Speechelo, I’ve previously covered a lot of reasons why people should utilize it. Here are some of the folks that will benefit greatly from Speechelo:

  • Creators of content.
  • Marketers who work online.
  • Podcasters and video marketers.
  • Owners of businesses and agencies.
  • Marketer for social media.
  • Freelancers.

How Does Speechelo Work?

So, how about we discuss about text-to-voice software, specifically Speechelo?

Step 1: In the web browser, upload only the script you want to translate. All exclamation points are placed into the text as it is scanned, giving it a more genuine appearance.

Step 2: You have 30 distinct voices to pick from with the basic kit. There are 60 voices in Speechelo Pro.

Step 3: Your sound will be ready for you to play in 10 seconds. You may access your voiceover by utilizing the Upload option on the right-hand side of the screen. In the next part, we’ll go through the features of Speechelo.

Speechelo PRO Upgrade: Is it Worth it?

Some people believe that paying a little more is worth it because of the differences between the two versions. After all, because the aim is to produce a natural-sounding voiceover, the freedom to alter the smallest aspects goes a long way.

When utilizing the PRO version, you may add not just inflection and emphasis, but also music and other background noises, making it stand out and seem more genuine and complicated.

You’ll be able to tailor the output in a more natural way if you have more voices to pick from.

Furthermore, not having a restriction on the quantity of text you may use to make voiceover tracks at once saves time and effort. You can only do voiceovers with text under 7000 characters in the regular package, which isn’t much if you want to stress the aspects of it without leaving anything out.

As a result, a lengthier voiceover track will allow you to make longer films all at once rather than having to do multiple and then sew them together.

Finally, the commercial licensing option will save you money in the long run by allowing you to sell some of the voiceovers you’ve recorded on freelancing sites to other users, something you can’t do with the regular version.

As a result, you may be able to offset part of the product’s cost; think of it as a tiny discount that keeps on coming the longer you use it.

Selling voiceovers on freelancer sites like Fiverr may be a highly profitable business, especially if you can provide voiceovers in other languages like German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, and so on. Imagine how much money may be produced with an average selling price of 60 USD each voice-over.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve compiled a list of the most common questions I hear from folks that I suggest Speechelo to:

Q: Is it necessary to install Speechelo on my computer?
A: No, Speechelo is a cloud-based service. You will not need to download anything to your computer as a result of this.

Q: Can I sell the voice-overs that Speechelo produces?
A: Yes, you may if you have a Speechelo PRO license.

Q: How many languages are there to choose from?
A: There are 23 languages available on Speechelo, including Mandarin, Arabic, German, Hindi, and Greek.

Q: How many different voices are there?
A: Speechelo has over 30 human-sounding male and female voices to choose from.

Q: Will future upgrades be free or cost money?
A: Speechelo license holders will receive free future upgrades.

Q: Is there a guarantee with Speechelo?
A: Yes, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee with Speechelo. This implies that if you are dissatisfied with the program, you have the option to request a refund.


  • Adjust the speech’s pitch, loudness, emphasis, and even breathiness.
  • In an astonishing method, audio recordings may be converted from text.
  • Even for beginners, it’s simple to use.
  • The quantity of text you may transform is unlimited.
  • The vocals were all of the highest caliber.
  • This program has over 30 human-sounding voices.
  • You may extend pauses in addition to adding breathing noises after each line.
  • A large number of languages are supported.
  • Text-to-speech conversions may now incorporate voice inflexions, making this a highly appealing choice.


  • Speechelo’s Voice Imitation Isn’t Flawless: When it comes to replicating the human voice, Speechelo isn’t perfect.
    Even though technology has evolved, people can still distinguish between a real human voice and a phony one.
  • There isn’t a Free Trial Available: There is no free trial available for Speechelo. Speechelo does not provide a free 14-day trial like many other apps.
  • Text to speech is limited to 7000 words: The speechelo standard is a limited service that is limited to 700 words every session. As a result, you may not be able to convert all of the text at once, which might be inconvenient. It’s possible that you’ll be requested to upgrade to the pro version.
  • Speechelo’s voice-over is difficult to monetize:┬áIt may be difficult to utilize Speechlo to generate money directly by selling voice-over services. Many freelancers provide voice-over services utilizing actual human voices on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.


Speechelo is one of the best text-to-speech applications on the market, and it’s an excellent choice for anybody seeking to make voiceovers for their films.

The cost is reasonable, yet if you want to fully utilize Speechelo’s capabilities, you’ll need to purchase the PRO version, which comes with a monthly subscription.

Speechelo is one of the few tools I’m not hesitant to promote to others. Be advised, however, that you should only buy Speechelo from the company’s official website, not from any fraudulent websites that may offer discount coupons or other incentives.

If you want to make voiceovers, Speechelo is the finest solution. It will make managing your creations and work much easier.


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