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The Lost Ways 2 Review


What if the world reverts to an era without electricity, running water, advanced medical care, convenience stores, or contemporary homes? The best you can do in a crisis is to stay alive.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when a crisis or epidemic may strike. As a result, you must be properly prepared ahead of time in order to survive in any situation. You must have the basics to survive in a catastrophe. A safe and secure housing, healthy food, clean water, and medical treatment are among them.

When calamity hits, even the finest government may not be able to supply you with these basics. As a result, you must learn to feed, house, and care for your family so that their health is not jeopardized.

Nature can give you with survival gear during a crisis, according to Claude Davis, author of the second edition of The Lost Ways 2, but only if you know how.

What is the Lost Ways 2

The Lost Ways 2 is a 413-page survival handbook authored by Claude Davis (Self-taught Prepper at & co-author of Lost Book of Remedies with Dr. Nicole Apelian). It’s available in both digital and paperback formats. At the time of checkout, you must choose one of these options.

The book is somewhat hefty, but it comes in useful while traveling and you can’t use your phone or iPad for obvious reasons.

If our memory serves us well, the initial incarnation, dubbed Lost Ways, was 319 pages long. As a result, this one has a great deal more information for you.

The Lost Ways 2 Book’s Contents:

The Lost Ways 2 book is intended for individuals of all ages. That means it may be used by anybody, whether they are a DIY enthusiast or suffer from arthritis. The information in the book is worth handing down from generation to generation. Here’s what to anticipate.

– Herbal Medicines

Did you know that the majority of plants and weeds you encounter contain therapeutic properties? Medicinal plants are everywhere, according to Claude Davis, but only a few individuals know how to use them. The Lost Ways 2 has great herbal medicine reference information.

The book will show you how to use a variety of plants, including ones found around your home. It includes a number of recommendations for distinguishing between excellent and harmful herbs. Davis also demonstrates how to make wraps, poultices, and anything else you could need to treat common ailments.

– Food for Survival

In an emergency, finding food might be difficult. You don’t need a lot of food to live, contrary to common belief. All you have to do is consume good food. Thanks to their regular superfoods, Native American scouts were able to survive off the earth for several months. The book will assist you in identifying a variety of superfoods that are high in beneficial nutrients. They’ll keep you energetic while you’re on the road.

– Shelter-Building

In difficult conditions, one of the first things you should do is build a shelter. Animals, harsh weather, and intruders all offer a serious hazard, so you’ll need a sturdy shelter to be secure. Davis explains how our forefathers constructed their dwellings out of solid materials. You will be able to construct typical wooden structures as well as underground dwellings using this book.

– Activated Charcoal

If you’ve been looking into survival strategies, you’re probably aware of what activated charcoal can accomplish. People use activated charcoal to construct water filtration systems because it is the cleanest sort of charcoal. As a result, regardless of where you are, you will have access to safe drinking water.

You can clean 800 gallons of water with a filter device. Additionally, activated charcoal can be used to reduce indigestion and gas. It also lowers harmful cholesterol in our bodies, according to research.

– Water Survival Skills

In difficult times, water is a priceless commodity. It is critical to your existence, but only a few individuals are aware of how to obtain it quickly and securely. The author demonstrates how to locate safe water sources and dig wells. He also gives you the knowledge you need to clean any water by eliminating toxins. In any difficult scenario, you will stay healthy and hydrated.

– Self-Defense

The Lost Ways 2 focuses on homesteading and preparing for harsh situations. When there is a scarcity of water, food, shelter, and electricity, you should anticipate the worst from people. In addition, wild animals may assault you. Claude Davis provides several tips on how to protect yourself. In the worst-case situation, you’ll learn how to protect yourself and your property.

– Weaponry

In life-threatening situations, weapons are a luxury. If you have guns, this book will show you how to properly use them. For your protection, learn how to conserve and reuse your rounds. The book also includes information about prehistoric weaponry and knives. You’ll quickly learn the abilities you’ll need to make them.

– Hunting

Finally, Davis will teach you how to hunt since it can save your life in the wild. He says that art entails more than simply slaying each animal that crosses your path. When hunting, you must be stealthy and unnoticed. Before you consume the game meat, you must build effective traps and properly cook it.

– Sharpening your knives like the Samurais did

To us, this sounded gimmicky. But we put it to the test, and the results were rather surprising. Claude also goes into great length about it. He takes us through Shitagi Togi and Shiaji Togi until we have a gleaming, razor-sharp blade.

– Building a Log Cabin the Old Fashioned Way

This is most likely one of the most fascinating topics explored in Lost Ways 2. Claude demonstrates how to build a wood cabin from the ground up without the need of complicated equipment or technology. There’s also a case study that shows you someone’s firsthand experience making this using the same process.

– The Inca Survival Food

Did you know that the Incas employed food preservation techniques to assist them survive droughts and famines? Claude demonstrates how to manufacture an energy-rich superfood that can last a year or more using an ancient Incan recipe.

What bonuses are included with the Lost Ways 2?

The Lost Ways 2 includes two additional eBooks that can only be obtained by purchasing the game from the official website. The only reason I stated this is because many people search eBay and Amazon for secondhand copies. Not only are those copies out of date, but there’s a significant risk you won’t get the extras you deserve.

Bonus 1: 43 Things to Have on Hand in the Event of an EMP

Bonus 2: How To Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres. Learn how to make the most of this land’s potential. How to cultivate food, preserve it, hunt for it, and defend it against invaders with weapons you construct.

Who is the author, Claude Davis?

Claude Davis, as previously indicated, is the author of The Lost Ways 2. Claude Davis is a writer and a survivalist who has always been captivated by those who lived in the past. People in those days, he claims, were stronger, healthier, wiser, and more self-reliant.

Claude Davis has over 30 years of expertise and has all the information you need to prepare for any crisis and protect yourself and people you care about. Davis professes to be a survival, apocalypse, and forest and wildlife excursion enthusiast on his website (

Davis also collaborated on The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies with Dr. Nicole Apelian. He also published a number of survival pieces on his website, encouraging people to rely on nature rather than technology during a crisis in order to be self-sufficient.

He also argues why we should emulate our forefathers’ approach to life and adapt their survival techniques. Davis, his wife, and their children reside in a log cabin.

Who is it intended for?

The Lost Way 2 is a fun book that transports you to pre-civilization times. It teaches you to the techniques our forebears utilized to survive before all of the modern conveniences, as well as how you might profit from them today.

Adventurers, history buffs, and survivalists will all like this book. It can also help missionaries and government personnel who are dispatched to far-flung corners of the globe.

The Lost Ways 2 may, nevertheless, be a useful resource for anybody who wishes to begin living a simple, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.

Learn how to use activated charcoal to purify water instead of spending a small fortune on bottled water and learn about the herbs and plants to consume so you may live a long, healthy life like our forefathers.

Why Should You Buy This Book?

The Lost Ways 2 provides practical and easy-to-implement emergency techniques. The manual will not only assist you in preparing for crises, but it will also assist you in improving your security, health, and way of life. You can apply the techniques to improve the quality of your life in your daily activities.

The manual is comprehensive, and it includes various survival instructions that provide real-life examples and scientifically verified therapies.

That implies you’ll be able to endure a lot of disasters, natural disasters, and conflicts. Bonus books are available from the author to assist you in surviving an EMP attack.

The book’s recommendations and processes are all effective. The author’s major purpose is to instill survival instincts from our forefathers and reduce our reliance on modern advancements. You will become self-sufficient as a result of the survival techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you tell me where I can buy the Lost Way 2 book?
A: This book is available for purchase on the official website. For $37, the author provides both digital and print versions. You will, however, be charged an additional $8.99 for management and shipping expenses.

Q: How effective is the book?
A: Once you’ve purchased the manual, you’ll discover how our forefathers killed deer and tanned the hides without the use of chemicals. You’ll also learn how to butcher a deer and the best preservation procedure for each part.

Furthermore, the author demonstrates how to create a basic but effective activated charcoal water filter that can clean up to 800 gallons of water. When the water is polluted, the filter will be more useful.

Q: Who is this guide useful for?
A: The Lost Ways 2 guide will transport you to pre-civilization times and teach you how to employ the survival methods that our forefathers used in everyday life. As a result, survivalists, preppers, adventure seekers, and history buffs will like this book. It’s also a good option for missionaries who want to convey the gospel to the most distant parts of the world, as well as sustainable tourism practitioners.

Q: Are there any extras included with the handbook?
A: While it appears that the book has all of the knowledge needed in a survival situation, the author disagrees. Claude Davis gives a number of perks to which only a select few people have access. “What Do You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP” and “How to Become Self-sufficient on 4 Acres of Land” are two of the freebies.


  • The book is simple to understand.
  • It’s all-encompassing.
  • The book addresses the most important aspects of survival.
  • It provides step-by-step directions.
  • The author provides useful knowledge and connects it to possible real-life scenarios.
  • It educates individuals to take charge of their lives.
  • The book’s contents and directions are easily accessible.
  • It describes how our forefathers and mothers lived.
  • Updates are available at any time.
  • It’s accessible in both print and digital formats.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.


  • To read everything, you’ll need a lot of time.
  • If you require a physical book, you will be responsible for the delivery costs.
  • To gain from your information, you must use it in your life.


The Lost Ways 2 Book can help you prepare for natural disasters and environmental disasters. It provides advice on how to improve one’s lifestyle and get closer to living a happy life.

The majority of evaluations indicate that it is a wonderful alternative for folks who wish to begin living a self-sufficient lifestyle. You have nothing to lose because the author gives a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the material or it doesn’t function, you can request a refund within 60 days.

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